DIT Services



Every digital production is unique and because every production is different they require custom digital work-flows designed to fit their needs.  These are the D.I.T. services I can provide and are available in whole or in part to fit the needs of your digital production.


 Ensure digital camera negative safety, quality, verification and triplication.

 Manage all on-set digital camera and audio magazine transfer procedures.

 Provide multiple camera menu item matching.

 Perform “live color grading” for all digital cinema cameras via hd-sdi outputs.

 Create and manage “ASC CDL’s”, “LUT’s” and/or other cinema camera platform specific “Looks”.

 Provide real-time multiple camera color grading and/or image manipulation feed to “Video Village”.

 Perform sync’ing of all external audio recordings to their perspective camera image’s.

 Provide custom meta-data creation, management and delivery to editorial.

 Create “first light” color-graded 1080p (H.264) digital dailies delivered to portable hard drives, uploaded to the internet and/or privately transmitted to on-set iPads.

 Transcode “off-line” and/or “on-line” digital files for delivery to Editorial and/or VFX.

 Provide liaison services between the production and post-production departments.

 Perform on-set digital cinema camera trouble shooting.

 Assist “Camera Assistant” with camera package preparation and/or modification.